Small Business SEO – How Content Marketing Creates POWERFUL Small Business SEO for FREE

So How Does Small Business Do Great On Page SEO and Content Marketing?

Great small business SEO that gets real results comes down to clever content marketing – including keyword research and strategy, on page and meta tag optimisation and internal linking. Getting a professional SEO copywriter to do this side of things for you from the start will set you up for long term success! Unlike the $1000 a month backlinking services, content marketing will see your small business thrive without spending a cent – enjoy the spoils of small business SEO success through free content marketing strategy, without the $1000 a month price tag.

Small Business Keywording – Content Marketing Keyword Strategy

Your home page content will need a keywording strategy that will kick start your traffic and then to help you target bigger keywords as your site grows. This will mean choosing a selection of long tail keywords that offer low search, low competition but extremely high conversion rates. While you may only receive a handful of visitors from each keyword, that handful arrive ready to buy. With quality content and clear, careful on page optimisation, you won’t need more than a handful of backlinks to rank for each. As your page grows in authority, a long slow backlinking strategy on larger more competitive keywords will see your business grow over time.

Your content on other static pages need highly relevant, not too competitive long tail keywords that attract OK search numbers. By making every page a keyworded landing page, you make up the volume of visitors without paying to target big keywords. Grab them with your keywords, keep them with content marketing.

Optimise blogs articles for low volume search keywords. You’ll have a better chance of keeping older articles in the index because that slow buy steady stream of exact match traffic keeps it “relevant”.

Small Business Content SEO and meta tags

Optimising your content involves creating:

Compelling content marketing text
Keyworded page titles
LSI keyword strategy
Keyworded header tags
First and last paragraph keywording
Inviting meta description tag advertisement
Internal Linking Plan
Use internally linked anchor text to target competitive keywords, make sure every page is linked to at least once (including blog entries) and is three clicks or fewer from home. This will help all your pages to be indexed.

DIY Backlinking for your niche

By creating a few off page backlinks in quality directories, as a guest blogger, on industry pages, through your contacts and through social networking, your website will continue to grow.

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